Air Buddy for Pony Bottle

Air buddy for a pony bottle

The Air Buddy can convert any size small bottle into a super pony bottle.

Increasing the breathing time on your pony bottle up to 20% by using an Air Buddy foron hose either a hand held bottle or one mounted in any kind of back pack fashion
pony bottle

On the left you see a 6 cubic ft bottle converted to a small pony bottle that will not free flow or freeze up.  It is the safest alternate air source you can get. …

The pony bottle was assembled by mounting the Air  Buddy pony kit to a standard regulator 1st stage.

1st stage

A 1st stage ready to go on a pony bottle

The standard Air Buddy Pony Kit is the Air Buddy itself, the swivel mount that screws into the low pressure port an the 1st stage and the safety valve that screws into the other low pressure port on the 1st stage. 

The miniature pressure gauge you see in the picture above is not part of the kit and is available from many sources.