As a spear gun sight

laser sight on g;unUsing supplies found in stores like Home Depot, divers mount the laser on their spear guns to obtain great accuracy.  It doesn't have to be pinpoint accurate like a competition rifle because the distance is much less. A couple of practice shots to see where the spear hits in relation to the green spot is all that it takes.

The pictures on this page show some spear gun mounts made by customers previously wit an older model laser.

The new Shark Laser is smaller and better configured to be mounted on spear guns.





Can be mounted on a spear gun to give you pin point accuracygreen laser spear gun mount
Because of the many kinds of spear guns available we don't make the mountings.

We have seen many kinds of mountings made from parts purchased at gun shops or stores such as Home Depot.



 Here is an example of a very fine one made by a scuba    diver in our great northwest, enabling him to get quick kills by limiting his hits to head shots.



green laser aiming spot with spear gun


This  picture shows the green aiming dot placed on the target by the green laser.