Shark Laser

Our newest advanced design in waterproof lasers. More powerful than any previous model and miniaturized for convenience. We've been making and improving our lasers for many  years.

 It now comes in a deluxe zippered carrying case with its battery charger, battery, heavy duty wrist lanyard and extra O-rings.

laser and case
Who uses our lasers? At first it was just the instructors but it's usefulness has been recognized by all divers. Our lasers are being used by almost every marine research project, university and museum in the world that measure living marine animals in their natural habitat.
Divers signaling each other can see the beam go past even when their back is turned.
Perfect for instructors, dive masters and buddies to point out something dangerous without getting too close. The lion fish is easy to see, the stone fish is not so easy and the cone shell looks pretty but it is dangerous.
lasser pointing