The newest in technology for SCUBA divers from Oceanco v14-13



Shark Laser

Our newest advanced design in waterproof lasers. More powerful than any previous model and miniaturized for convenience. We've been making and improving our lasers for many  years.

 It now comes in a deluxe zippered carrying case with its battery charger, battery, heavy duty wrist lanyard and extra O-rings.

laser and case

Who uses our lasers? At first it was just the instructors but it's usefulness has been recognized by all divers. Our lasers are being used by almost every marine research project, university and museum in the world that measure living marine animals in their natural habitat.


Divers signaling each other can see the beam go past even when their back is turned.

Perfect for instructors, dive masters and buddies to point out something dangerous without getting too close. The lion fish is easy to see, the stone fish is not so easy and the cone shell looks pretty but it is dangerous.

lasser pointing
laser measures fish

Most of the marine research organizations around the world are using our Oceanco lasers to measure whale sharks, great whites, manta rays, hammerheads, goliath groupers and other live marine life. They rig two lasers on a bar, spaced a known distance apart, with a camera mounted in the center as seen below.. 

measuring a whale
In this picture you see a researcher from Australia's Marine Megafauna Foundation  using this measuring technique called "laser photogrammetry" that's giving them more accurate data than ever before.
whale shark research
The Maldives Whale Shark Research Programme (MWSRP) is a charity that carries out whale shark research and fosters community focused conservation initiatives in the Maldives configure their double laser rigs in a similar fashion configuration.
laser on gun

Many divers are improvising to mount the laser on their spear guns.  Here is a well made rig on a Mares gun.  Many arrangements can be configured with stainless hose clamps available in stores like Home Depot.

For attracting many kinds of marine life.  Seals, otters, sea lions, snakes, and all kinds of fish are attracted to the green laser spot.  They will follow it endlessly, just like a cat will follow the moving dot.. This can be just fun for the diver but also give great opportunity to take pictures of the animals.

seal and laser
rescue laser beam

Even if people on the boat don't happen to be looking in your direction they might very well see the green spot that will be visible on the structure of the boat, leading them to look for the source of the beam. 

Depending on the condition of the atmosphere at the time your beam might be visible to others at a distance.  The laser is commonly used as a pointer to objects in the sky by people stargazing at night.  They point at the particular planet or group of stars with the laser. While the laser obviously cannot reach the target, the viewers can easily follow the beam in the direction it is pointing.  It will reach low lying clouds and of course be much more visible in foggy or humid conditions, which would be very useful if you need help.

night beam